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Welcome!  We are glad you have chosen to apply to become an integral part of the dedicated group of transportation professionals at Nationwide Auto Transport, Inc.  We service the entire United States offering local, regional, and coast-to-coast services.  We are certain that you will find a secure, fun, and rewarding career with Nationwide Auto Transport, Inc. 

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the utmost in safe and reliable portage of automobiles, and we strive to serve each and every client to the best of our abilities in a timely fashion.  

As you begin your application with us, please keep in mind that we strive for a workplace that is clean, efficient, safe, and comfortable for everyone.  To completely fill out your application, you will need the following items: 

Driver’s license

Home address history for past 3 years

Medical Card

TWIC card (if you have one)

Prior employer contact information for past 10 years

Social Security Number

History of traffic accidents and traffic violations for previous 5 years


Required entry fields are followed by *, meaning you must provide the requested information to continue. In addition, you will provide an electronic signature when the application is complete, if you do not E-sign the application the information will not be transmitted to us. If you are unable to finish the application, you can return later by simply hitting the return to application link and you will be directed to the section that you left incomplete. 

This website uses the highest security standards on all levels. Our security includes the transfer of information from your computer to our servers utilizing SSL encryption technology, monthly server and application vulnerability scanning by 3rd party security companies, sensitive data encryption storage and physical network security in a world class tier-3 data center. You can use our service in confidence knowing that your information is safe. 

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